“Ask an Artist” at Dodge County Center for the Arts

Free access to a local artist, just walk in and talk to a local artist! You may catch them drawing a sketch for a new work, trying a new technique or adding the final touches to a nearly finished piece of artwork.  

Watercolor Wednesday — FREE!
July 3, 2024. 1:00-4:30 pm

Come to the gallery and meet Lisa Amport. Stay for a few minutes or a few hours. Lisa will have some of her professional watercolor supplies with her and is willing to discuss watercolor topics with anyone who cares to stop by.  She invites you to bring your own painting project and join her or just sit and visit. This is NOT a class but she will have small watercolor paper scraps to help you test colors or techniques. If you’ve always wanted to try professional grade paints and paper, or had questions about supplies and the process of painting with watercolors, come on in and ask questions.  

For a small fee, ($3-5) Lisa plans to have supplies available for you to create your own bookmark or small painting:

Bookmark -supplies $3.00 includes paper, string, paint, hole savers and wax for finishing. Make and take home!

Small painting-supplies $5.00 includes —professional paper and paint to take home! 5×7 inch paper, small plate pallet with up to 10 colors (of your choice.) Paint with Lisa, and/or take them home to try!

Supplies and space may be limited!

Watercolor Wednesday


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